I've had the pleasure of working on and leading some exciting projects and products (web, IoT, data, etc.). Here are some noteworthy examples!

Eno is a chatbot that helps manage your money by texting in a conversational way. It leverages artificial intelligence to understand what you need. You can get a quick update on your accounts by texting Eno things like “What’s my balance?” or “How much credit do I have?” and it will provide the information you need instantly. You can also pay your credit card bill by simply texting “Eno, pay my bill.”

  • Client: Consumer Product
  • Role: Tooling Consultant

Facebook was looking for a better way to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans, specifically at live events. Behold: The Facebook “Mentions Box” which made its debut at the 2014 Emmy Awards — allowing celebrities to “shake” the device to surface a fan question (pulling directly from an event’s Facebook Page) and immediately record a response back.

  • Client: Facebook
  • Role: Lead Engineer

An immersive visualization of the data made available through the Facebook Trends API. Initially deployed at Facebook’s F8 Developers conference, it can now be found at Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ, as well as the New York and Washington DC offices, where visitors can navigate through real-time trends, and interact with the most popular content.

  • Client: Facebook
  • Role: Lead Engineer

An immersive experience that transported kids to Mars during the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. We bought a school bus and built The Field Trip To Mars — an interactive simulated “group VR” experience along the surface of the red planet. This experience was one component of Generation Beyond, a multi-year national educational program designed to inspire the next generation of explorers to pursue STEM careers.

  • Client: Lockheed Martin
  • Role: Web Lead