Trends Visualization

The Facebook Trends Visualization is a custom application built to visualize trending topics on the Facebook platform. The first version of the application was limited to one configurable instance. The final implementation allows administrators to create up to 20 instances of the visualizations - each with its custom configuration (refresh rate, filtered topics, etc.) and color scheme.

Mentions Box

The Mentions Box allows celebrities to “shake” the device to surface a fan question (pulling directly from an event’s Facebook Page) and immediately record a response back! The device made its debut at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

The system consists of an Android application which talks to an administration panel built with Nodejs (Express) and Vuejs.

Cheer Challenge

The Kroger Cheer Challenge is a recurring campaign which engages with Kroger's social audience. It allows users to submit weekly user-generated content (UGC) to be judged by administrators. We harvested content via a proprietary application which had the capability to pull in social UGC from various platforms.

Higher Ed Partner Center

The EverFi Higher-Ed Partner Center helps administrators gain quick insights into student progress. It allows for near-realtime monitoring, analytics and bulk messaging.

  • Role Lead Engineer
  • Company EverFi

Open Source

Open source is the best source! (Mostly)

Good Env

Better Node.js environment variables for Twelve-Factor applications


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Dionne Davenport

Use your existing PostgreSQL Database as a key/value store. Supports batch sets and retreival.


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Nyce is a JavaScript interface definition and adherence enforcement utility.


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