Engineer. Dreamer.


My name is Johnny. I work at Capital One as a Technology Fellow. My recent past includes Director of Technology at ISL, Social Tables and EverFi.

If you're looking for someone to speak about engineering leadership, JavaScript or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out!


I'm interested in everything at the intersection of technology and art. I'm an introverted people-person, and I'm immediately drawn to eccentricity. I enjoy not only meeting new and exciting people, but I like getting to know them as well. I value strong, lasting relationships.

Press & Features

I try to fly under the radar, but sometimes people want to interview me, hear about my story or talk about what I'm up to!


"CWW is coming back to D.C.…A bunch of #dctech names are speaking"


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"These #dctech faces will be presenting at Codeland in NYC…"


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"The technologist on the lives he lived before he became iStrategyLabs' director...…"


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CMOS Podcast

My interview with host Gábor Szabó - host of the Code Maven Open Source Podcast - about cool open source projects at ISL


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